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Workpackages description
WP1: Data and Knowledge Management

The objectives of this work package are to provide:
  • Adequate data analysis for all data generated throughout the project
  • An up-to-date knowledge management system for efficient transfer of knowledge within the project
  • A working portal for overall project dissemination
WP2: Imaging

The main scientific and technological objectives will encompass:
  • Labeling cells with a fluorescent dye in the NIR range
  • Designing specific optical imaging probes targeting biomarkers during the course of AA to validate novel optical imaging agents in vitro and in vivo

WP3: Project Management

The main aim of the management of P3AGI is to provide support to the Partners in order to comply with contractual and legal issues as well as meeting technical goals. The management is dedicated to fostering the integrative process within the consortium and it is tightly connected to the general knowledge manager. The objectives of the project coordination and management will be to:
  • Carry out the coordination, management and monitoring of the project on a day-to-day basis
  • Provide the infrastructural services required for the project
  • Ensure that the project works as an integrated whole
  • Maximise the complementarities and synergies of its members
  • In collaboration with the General Knowledge Manager, monitor the success of the staff secondments

WP4: Biomarkers

This work package aims to obtain biomarkers of severe allergic asthma by performing an in-depth genomics analysis of severe AA animal models. More specifically, it aims to:
  • Collect ex-vivo material from AA animal models
  • Perform genomics analysis involving expression profiling using microarrays
  • Analyze microarray data to identify differentially expressed genes

WP5: AA Models
  • Isolate Th2 memory cells from mouse lungs for tracking purposes with in vivo imaging
  • Monitor human cells in Hu-SCID models with in vivo imaging
  • Use allergic asthma models for testing new treatments by imaging and genomics
  • Use genomics and in vivo technology for identifying novel biomarkers to follow therapeutic efficacy

WP6: Training, Networking and Dissemination

The progression of this project, as well as the outcomes, will be extremely relevant to the public and scientific researchers since Severe Allergic Asthma is a common disease worldwide. AA is well documented and the public already have a great deal of understanding and so are more likely to be interested in new advances in research related to this condition. The objectives of this work package are to:
  • Keep the project partners up to date with what is happening at every step of the project
  • Disseminate relevant and interesting information to the public at large
  • Offer training as well as knowledge exploitation to project partners specifically and the scientific community in general
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 (2007-2013)) under grant no. 230739