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AEIRTEC Limited (Aeirtec)

The evolution of a formidable clinical infrastructure within Aeirtec's access to clinical biological material provides the consortium with an unprecedented supply of relevant disease human samples for the provision of data of optimal predictive value in translational research for human disease. The precious value of samples derived from experimentation with human disease material necessitates highly efficient use in analysis. To achieve this Aeirtec has developed methods for establishing multiplex assays of secreted inflammatory factors enabling assay of commonly 20-30 different analyses from the smallest of experimental sample volumes (<0.1ml). Aeirtec has laboratories established for examination of immune and inflammatory cell behaviour in human chronic inflammatory diseases. Aeirtec has 'state of the art' flow cytometry and cell sorting facilities, fluorescent immunohistochemistry equipment and equipment  for multiplex measurement of biomarkers. Aeirtec has an established clinical infrastructure for access to human biomaterials from patients with chronic inflammatory diseases and extensive and evolving experience in handling of patients' tissues and cells isolated from them. Aeirtec has animal research facilities for transfer of human tissues and cells into immundeficient mice for generation of human-mouse xenografts for detailed examination of human immune/inflammatory disease in vivo.

Website: www.aeirtec.com
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 (2007-2013)) under grant no. 230739